Introduction To Performance Testing- A Cornerstone In Mobile App Development

Mobile App Performance Testing

Are you looking to have a mobile app providing a seamless, safe, fast, and smooth user experience? What a silly question! Every one wishes so, right? However, how can you ensure that the app finally delivered from a mobile app development company is as you expected? Though this is underappreciated, in the recent past, testing has increased substantially due to the rising need for speed, performance, safety, and dependability.

There comes- mobile app testing. It is a crucial step in the development process allowing the stakeholders to identify and address performance issues before your app goes live. Within the testing sphere, performance testing is a prominent one. Let’s briefly introduce some leading practices before taking you to performance testing.

“Don't let the poor performance become a reason for the app's downfall - performance testing is not optional anymore.”

Type And Techniques Of Testing After Mobile App Development

App testing is a way to ensure the quality of the apps, mostly focused on checking the intended use of apps. Experts check the compatibility of the apps on various devices along with user experience, application performance, and security.

Businesses can now afford to retain their customers and brand value because of one bug found in the application during the later stage.

Security Testing

Users have started preferring security over anything else while interacting with the app. Even one weak spot in your apple can bring negative effects, severe financial repercussions, a data leak, or a loss of public confidence.

Therefore, using security testing tools to examine the application is crucial. Mobile app developers check codes, standards, and quality controls under security testing.

Usability Testing

Choosing the best Android and IOS app testing services is crucial to ensure that nothing significant goes overlooked as the importance of the application’s usability and user experience has increased.

Under usability testing, UI design, speed, navigation, accessibility, readability, and engagement, and covered.

Compatibility Testing

Mobile applications are accessed by users for all their day-to-day work, from shopping to entertainment to what’s not.

Testing an app’s responsiveness and compatibility across various devices is crucial. Even if one testing is completed by a mobile app development company, testing on IOS is required.

Performance Testing

A mobile app faces multiple hurdles, such as high load, slow connection, limited device storage, etc. During performance testing, experts at mobile app testing services check the effectiveness of the application in certain taxing circumstances. They use a variety of automated load-testing solutions based on the application testing checklist.

What To Do Before App Performance Testing?

  • Define performance objectives
  • Understand your user base
  • Choose the right testing tools
  • Plan your testing strategy
  • Determine your testing approach
  • Monitor and analyze results

Mobile App Performance Testing – Best Practices

Let us ask you a question? When do you call an app performing well? We know you have a long checklist based on that, you respond. Similarly, a mobile application developer does performance testing on multiple parameters.

Platform Compatibility

There are different mobile platforms, operating systems, and even multiple versions of operating systems. The app is considered perfect only when it works as intended on multiple platforms.

Device Compatibility

Recently, the market has been flooded with devices with different screen sizes, settings, and configurations. You don’t exactly know what type of device is being used by the users, right? To ensure that, let the right team be involved in the testing, and check responsiveness on multiple devices.

Load Bearing Capability

You must have seen some websites or apps crash due to high demand. Even some of the highly popular apps for ticket booking, online courses, and social networking crashed in the past as an unusually high number of user requests. To avoid that, you should hire mobile app developer having expertise in loading bearing and stress tests.

Loading Speed

No one is willing to press “try again” on your app. They have multiple options, and the slowness of even a portion of seconds may take them away. You should check the speed considering varying aspects, including network conditions. We can’t expect the app to work at the same speed at 2 G and 5G.

Reliability Testing

Will you use an unreliable app? No, right? The app must fulfill the criteria of its intended use by encompassing points like security, regulatory norms, regression, and function. Here, you need to make sure that you hire mobile app developers who can work on manual and automated testing tools for reliability checking.

UI Testing

UI testing checks the visual components of an application. You get to know whether it meets the functional and performance requirements. It aims to identify and eliminate any bugs or issues that may affect the usability of the user interface.

When testing websites, UI testing is especially important as they comprise various web elements developed using CSS, JavaScript, and several other programming languages.

Best Mobile App Performance Testing Tools

  • Perfecto- Cloud-based tool with scriptless self-healing capabilities
  • Apptim- Ideal for performance testing in CI/CD
  • BitBar- Cloud and local device testing in framework agnostic framework
  • Headspin- Manual as well as AI testing with 100 % accuracy
  • Avo Assure- Best code test automation for mobile application development companies.
  • Eggplant- Best for image-based Testing, Web Testing, and Cross-Browser Testing.
  • BrowserStack- Testing on 3000+ real devices

Concluding Remark

So, what are the key takeaways from here? First and foremost, performance testing is a vital step in mobile app development, assuring you that your app is “ready to take on the existing players.”

Making the application compatible, safe, and fast is your responsibility. For that, app testing is indispensable. The preferred option is to hire mobile app developers that offer comprehensive app testing services. Monitor/ analyze your results to optimize your app’s performance and provide users with a high-quality experience.

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