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With IT companies increasingly looking to simplify their hybrid mobile app development process, there has been a significant surge in the adoption rate of Flutter app development in recent years. To aid those seeking professional assistance in this domain, the HybridAppBuilders team has conducted extensive research and created a list of the best Flutter app consultants globally. If you're looking to expand your Flutter app development services and ensure top-notch performance, check the list of top Flutter app development consulting partners below and select your next collaborator with confidence!

Building Cross-Platform Applications with Flutter App Developers

We Help Build Your Team
  • 500-1K
  • $25 - $49 / hr
  • New York, USA

Clarion Technologies believes that our success is dependent on your success. There team of vEmployees acts as an extension of the team, working collaboratively with you to ensure your success. They offer a great solution for cross-platform toolkit developers such as Flutter. Flutter creates cross-platform applications without the need for separate coding for iOS and Android. They work with businesses to help them get closer to their goal of effecting change in their respective fields.

Simplifying Technology. Smartly. Disruptively. Globally.
  • 500-1k
  • $25 - $49 / hr
  • California, USA

Algoworks has extensive experience creating incredible cross-platform app development frameworks for mobile apps. Our experienced React Native app developers are dedicated to providing cutting-edge mobile app development services with progressive programming levels. With these frameworks, our developers use a single codebase to create cross-platform apps, which speeds up react native development, reduces bugs, and ultimately increases ROI.

Sculpting Thoughts
  • 500-1k
  • <$25 / hr
  • Ahmedabad, India

Boasting a remarkable 21-year journey, TatvaSoft has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of Software Development Companies. Their expertise spans a diverse range of technologies including .NET, Java, Angular, React, SharePoint, PHP, and more. With a resolute mission and vision, TatvaSoft is committed to crafting exceptional custom software solutions for businesses. What sets them apart is their standing as a reliable offshore software development company, renowned for introducing innovative strategies that effectively curtail operational costs. Explore their comprehensive offerings, including top-tier React Native app development services.

Enterprise Software & BI Solutions
  • 250-500
  • $25 - $49 / hr
  • New Jersey, USA

Instinctools offers a full range of react native app developers to help you create equally impressive mobile and web applications. They assist you in rapidly releasing new ideas, so that budget and time are no longer constraints on your creativity. Our vetted engineers combine the best of both worlds – native and cross-platform development – to provide you with a one-of-a-kind set of advantages.

Web Development Company
  • 201-500
  • < $25 / hr
  • Cincinnati, USA

Opt for the premier Cross Platform React Native App Development Company to unlock high-performance, interactive, and scalable applications. At Nine Hertz, our ‘one-code-fits-all’ approach guarantees consistent appearance and functionality across all platforms. With our expertise, we deliver unparalleled cross platform app development services, encompassing UI/UX design, wearable apps, web-based solutions, and AI-integrated applications. Our commitment extends to efficient testing, as well as comprehensive app maintenance and ongoing support post-publishing on app stores.

Building digital products for world changers
  • 500-1K
  • $50-$99/hr
  • Poznan, Poland

Netguru creates digital products that allow people to do things in new ways. With react native development, you can achieve your business objectives. To achieve better results, intelligently combine your business objectives with technological solutions. With a single cross-platform code base, you can achieve native performance.

Saas Development & Staff Augmentation
  • 10-49
  • $100 - $149 / hr
  • Canada

UUUSoftware assists you in selecting the ideal framework tailored to your business requirements, enhancing your digital footprint. Our committed cross-platform experts stand prepared to transform your concepts into fully functional, high-performing products. Irrespective of your preference for React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin, our dedicated teams ensure the utmost efficiency of your application. Elevate your venture with our premium React Native app development services.

Transforming Businesses With Innovation
  • 500-1k
  • $25 - $49 / hr
  • India

Appinventiv is a pioneering name in the realm of software solutions, specializing in crafting innovative and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including expert React Native application development. Our seasoned team of developers is dedicated to transforming ideas into robust and seamless cross-platform applications, ensuring optimal performance and user engagement. As a forward-thinking partner, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape with our top-tier React Native app development services.

A Yash Technologies Company
  • 250 - 999
  • < $25 / hr
  • USA

At Codiant, prioritizing customer experience drives our app development strategy. Upholding our leadership, we engineer mobile apps that prioritize ease of use, personalization, and agility to meet evolving market needs. Boasting a formidable history of creating cross-platform mobile apps using renowned frameworks like React Native, our expert team of React Native app developers ensures a native-like feel and appearance across diverse platforms and screens.

We deliver unique, and innovative solutions and experiences for our clients
  • 10-250
  • $25-49/hr
  • New York

Nicklesoft comprises a skilled and driven group of professionals, dedicated to propelling both emerging and established enterprises to success for more than ten years. Our adept team empowers visionaries and businesses of diverse scales to bring their aspirations to life. Featuring top-tier cross-platform developers, including experts in Flutter and Xamarin, we offer comprehensive development solutions under a single roof. Elevate your venture with our expert React Native development services.

Leading Mobile App Development Company
  • 500-1K
  • <$25/hr
  • Australia

OpenXcell, a leading IT consulting firm founded in 2009, is known for its innovative and robust digital solutions. Openxcell assists businesses in India in building and scaling their own dedicated teams at a competitive price. Our large pool of skilled professionals in Machine Learning, React Native development, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and other areas can assist you in expanding your web and mobile app development customer base.


What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit developed by Google for creating natively compiled, high-performance mobile, web, and desktop applications. It uses the Dart programming language and provides a rich set of pre-built widgets and tools to help developers easily build visually appealing and responsive applications. If you are also looking for flutter app development services, contact us.

How is Flutter distinguish from other mobile development frameworks?

Flutter stands out from other mobile development frameworks for several reasons:

  • Cross-platform support: Write code once and run it on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, web, and desktop.
  • High performance: Applications are compiled to native machine code, resulting in optimal performance.
  • Hot Reload: Enables developers to view real-time modifications without restarting the app, enhancing development efficiency.
  • Customizable Widgets: Offers an extensive collection of adaptable widgets for designing attractive and responsive UIs.
  • Strong community: Flutter’s active and growing community contributes to its development and provides support through forums, articles, and events.
Can you explain what Dart is and the reasons behind Flutter's choice to utilize it?

Dart is an object-oriented programming language developed by Google, designed for client-side development for web and mobile apps. Flutter uses Dart because of following features that attract a flutter app development company, to use it more:

  • Strong typing and sound null safety, which reduce runtime errors.
  • Fast compilation to ARM and x64 machine code, enabling high performance.
  • Support for both Just-In-Time (JIT) and Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation, making it suitable for development and production environments.
  • The familiar syntax for developers with experience in JavaScript, Java, or C#.
Can I use existing native libraries with Flutter?

Yes, you can use native libraries with Flutter through platform channels. Platform channels allow Flutter to communicate with the host platform (e.g., Android or iOS) using a message-passing style. This enables a flutter development company to access platform-specific APIs or utilize existing native libraries while maintaining the benefits of the Flutter framework.

How do I start learning Flutter?

To start learning Flutter, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Flutter website ( and review the documentation.
  • Install Flutter and Dart SDKs on your development machine.
  • Explore sample projects and tutorials on the Flutter website or platforms like YouTube.
  • Join Flutter communities and forums, such as the Flutter subreddit or the Flutter Dev Google Group, to ask questions and interact with other developers.
  • Are you ready to hire flutter app developers in India for your next project?

Is Flutter ideal for large-scale projects?

Yes, Flutter is suitable for large-scale projects due to its high performance, extensive widget library, and ability to create cross-platform applications. The top flutter mobile app development company India including Google, have used Flutter to develop complex applications. Additionally, the growing community and continued support from Google ensure that Flutter will remain a viable choice for large-scale projects in the future.

Is Flutter suitable for web development?

Flutter supports both web and mobile app development. With Flutter Web, developers can create responsive, high-performance web applications using the same codebase and UI toolkit as mobile apps. It’s ideal for web apps sharing code and design with mobile versions or for developers familiar with Flutter. To avail for the best flutter app development services, get in touch with our flutter experts.