Xamarin App Development:- 13 Applications Setting The Standard High

Xamarin App Development

Hiring separate mobile app developers for different platforms is no longer necessary. Cross-platform app development tools like Xamarin have changed how apps are developed by eliminating the need to record tech stacks for different operating systems. With the Xamarin app development, businesses save time, effort, and resources.

Xamarin’s meteoric rise captivated the mobile development world. Over twelve years since its launch, its developer community has skyrocketed to a few million in approximately all the prominent countries. It is now the coveted tool under Microsoft’s Visual Studio umbrella. Xamarin is the go-to technology for over 15,000 companies across diverse industries like energy, transportation, media, and healthcare.

In this blog, first, we’ll discuss the key features that attract businesses to this platform, and later, we’ll discuss the top companies using Xamarin for app development.

What Is The Best Use Of Xamarin App Development Platform?

  1. Cross-Platform App Development
  2. Native App Development
  3. Enterprise App Development
  4. Line-Of-Business (LOB) Apps
  5. Prototyping And MVP Development

What Are The Benefits Of Using Xamarin App Development?

Simple App Development Process

Xamarin simplifies app-building for developers. In addition, it has no additional cost, which is crucial. The development process is carried out with minimal financial outlay.

The price for commercial use is relatively low. On top of them, C# is the only language allowed during development. They can stay on their current system without any trouble. The Xamarin app development company makes it simple for users to pick up the app’s various functions. This is just another advantage for businesses choosing Xamarin.

Excellent Support Base

A vibrant Xamarin community is spreading worldwide, making the work process easy for beginners. Comprehensive customer assistance, well-recognized documents, and training facilities are provided in paid and unpaid modes.

Fast Development

Xamarin is based on C# and other .NET technologies. Be it an Android, iOS, or Windows application, Xamarin does the best work as developers need similar languages and tools.

Because of its many advantages, Xamarin is the first choice by many software development firms. Xamarin allows you to rapidly build a minimum viable product (MVP) of your app at a low technical cost. Hire Xamarin developers to use this universal codebase by porting their work between other systems.

The Concept Of Reusable Code

Xamarin app development allows developers to reuse code across multiple projects as a platform. They can use that time savings to work on other software projects. There is a low barrier to entry when using the Xamarin platform to achieve a goal in software development. In the eyes of the brands, this is the most critical consideration when choosing the platform.

Highly Cost-Efficient

The most compelling argument favoring the Xamarin platform is the transparent pricing structure. This system relies on a unified technology foundation and modular, reusable software.

The reason why the pricing is so low is because of this. As every company has limited money to allocate toward the upkeep of its business ecosystem, the cost is a crucial consideration when choosing Xamarin.

Easy Maintenance

Updating an app made with Xamarin is super easy. Xamarin app development Company only changes the source code; every related modification follows automatically.

Open Source

Xamarin is an open-source platform, so anyone can use and contribute to its development without any financial consideration. Backed by technology mammoth Microsoft, developers can see, modify, and distribute code per their requirements.

Companies often use Xamarin because it speeds up app release cycles and cuts costs by allowing developers to reuse code and work from a standard technological stack.

Top Brands Using Xamarin App Development

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has 75 years of operations and over 17 million annual passengers. The company has always been known for embracing cutting-edge tech for online ticket sales and internet boarding passes.

Facing the challenge of building both customer and internal apps for over 15,000 employees across platforms, Alaska opted for Xamarin app development. They opted for this cross-platform tool with Visual Studio and HockeyApp for Touch ID, push notifications, seamless user experiences, and other benefits.

Xamarin-built Alaska Airlines app is not just about booking—it’s a virtual airport in your pocket. No snaking lines, no baggage hassles, and certainly no crowded waiting areas.

Just Giving

The time may come when you don’t need to carry spare change for charity donations. In this 21st century, you can use the ‘Just Giving’ app for various contributions and charity.

The Xamarin-built app has also made distributing the collected funds more effective. Imagine having an app that makes giving better. This app connects fundraisers and donors in approximately 164 countries around the globe.

BBC Good Food

This global food media brand transitioned to Xamarin to meet its customers’ mobile preferences. By collaborating with the right Xamarin app development company, they revamped its iOS, Android, and UWP applications. The result was a phenomenon for its users.


Blending pictures, locations, and times into a beautiful montage, Storyo is like having a personal filmmaker in your pocket. This storytelling mobile app is present in over 170 countries, enabling users to create videos from photos. With the growth of social media, the use of this app has increased manifold.

The World Bank’s Survey Conducting App

The World Bank said goodbye to the old pen and paper-based way of surveys long back. Later, it adopted Laptop methods that were time-consuming and a hassle for field surveyors. Later, the world’s famous organizations got an app made with Xamarin app development. The app helps collect data from people across the globe safely and efficiently.


Outback is a new-age application connecting people with their favorite restaurants. fully optimized with a mobile-friendly interface, the app gives flexibility to manage multiple addresses, fast delivery, reliable ordering, and more. The app is made with Xamarin having the option to pre-fill the order for fast and hassle-free delivery to the doorsteps.


Hungry and not in the mood to cook? But with the Xamarin-powered FreshDirect app, fresh groceries and meals are just a tap away. It’s like having a personal butler without the castle, making everyone’s inner homebody do a joyous little jig.

This app offers an extensive catalog of over 15000 products. All this became possible due to Xamarin app development, Visual Studio for Mac, Xamarin Test Cloud, HockeyApp, and more. The app offers excellent engagement and seamless- on-demand services.


This is another beautiful app made with Xamarin. The app presents an excellent user interface and features for employees of parcel delivery companies to track the parcels via QR codes and a scan bar. The users do not need to know the language, thanks to the multi-language support of the app. The app presents an effective app management tool for real-time consignment tracking.

CA Mobile

Portugal’s largest bank, Crédito Agrícola, built this app to meet the ever-growing need for customers to transact via mobile. The bank has over 100 years of operations, so it needed to adapt fast to keep the customers happy and operations effective.

The bank went for Xamarin app development and got the app within three months due to the code reusability feature of the platform. The app supports payment authorization, real-time push notifications, expense approval, and over 34 expense categories.

Microsoft News

Curating news stories from reputable sources, this news app also encompasses various formats. Made with Xamarin, it has a dark mode for smooth night reading. It also brings limitless free downloads and a user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall news-reading experience.


UPS is the world’s largest parcel/package delivery service. The Xamarin framework for its mobile app enables users to manage shipments and track parcels globally. Initially using platform-specific languages, UPS experienced improved developer productivity, reduced code volume, and faster time to market with Xamarin.


Captio, a Spain-based company, initially opted for a hybrid development approach to create an expense management application. However, the results were suboptimal.

Facing cost and maintenance challenges, Captio ultimately found success with Xamarin app development, leveraging its existing C# experience. The team got an app, achieving an 80% code reuse. The app streamlines expense management, generating reports and extracting data.


Olo is a digital ordering and delivery app for over 150 restaurants, including Applebee’s and Five Guys. They opted for Xamarin for a faster time to market and an exceptional user experience. The switch resulted in increased developer productivity, reduced lines of code, and accelerated time to market.

Summing Up

Xamarin is known for transforming mundane, routine tasks into experiences worth reminiscing. Xamarin allows up to 95 % of programming code reusability, making it one of the highest in the segment. Once a code is written, it can be used multiple times, helping to decrease the development time for the Xamarin development company.

As you understand the benefits of Xamarin, should you go for it? Go deep into your requirements and match them with the features and benefits of Xamarin. And, still, if you can’t figure it out, talk to a Xamarin app development expert.

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