Mobile App Download Statistics & Usage Statistics

Mobile App Download Statistics

In recent years, we have seen many possibilities for advancing in the Mobile phone industry. Apple introduced us to the iPhone 15, while Android has given us a glimpse of Android 15. How can the mobile app development industry stay calm in these years?

Daily, we experience people becoming more dependent on mobile phones. They opt for mobile app downloads and can’t stop checking apps while walking on the streets, eating food, watching movies, and even driving a car!

What is more astonishing is that they spend 88% of their time using mobile apps. This proves the thriving mobile industry will not take a break for quite some time. This is excellent news for people in the mobile application industry(app developers, app publishers, etc).

While these things may sound pleasing to the ears, if you want to take part of the pie of this multi-billion dollar industry, you first need to understand the users. You can’t just start saying, “People Buy Things, so I am Selling Things.” To understand this industry better, let’s look at mobile app download statistics & usage statistics for 2023.

Essential Mobile App Downloads Data For 2023

  1. By the end of 2023, mobile apps will generate over $935 billion in revenue.
  2. 2.87 million apps are available for download through the Google Play Store.
  3. There are more than 1,960,000+ apps on the Apple App Store.
  4. More than twenty-one percent of those born in the early 1980s use an app more than fifty times daily.
  5. Forty-nine percent of mobile customers open an app more than eleven times daily.
  6. US mobile users spend 70% of their digital media time on iOS-Android apps.
  7. The typical smartphone user uses ten apps daily and thirty apps monthly.

Delving Deep Into Mobile App Downloads

As they say, “You can’t eat meat If you don’t have Teeth.”, To make some big bucks, users first need to download your app, give a high rating, rank high on the app store, and keep it updated with time.

Let’s go through some statistics that can aid you in app development.

Global Download Rate On Rise

The mobile app downloads have grown exponentially since 2016. As we know, “demand & supply are proportional to each other.” Globally, people are downloading iOS-Android apps more than ever, along with the increased number of users.

Every year, the number of downloaded apps is increasing. We will see more of the same in this trend in the upcoming years. In the previous year, almost two hundred & eighteen billion apps were downloaded. That is a rise of about 7% from the prior year.

The data shows a fifty-five percent increase between 2016 & 2020. Although not quite as dramatic, the increase rate increases yearly.

Free Vs. Paid Downloads

While creating apps, you need to remember that only some apps bring profit by directly selling them to users. Currently, free apps account for 98% of global mobile app income. Only a small % of users pay for downloads.

While not dismissing the paid app strategy completely, you need to understand both sides have their pros and cons. Only an insignificant number of consumers choose paid mobile app downloads. The reason is less brand recognition & most users can find substitute apps for free of cost, even with little inconvenience.

Take a peek at your smartphone. Which apps did you pay to install on your device? If so, you are in the minority. On the other hand, users of paid apps are more likely to be active. They will only purchase something with the money and then utilize it.

If you are an existing business owner and have an app as an addition to your firm to enhance the consumer experience, you should provide free downloads. Offering your app for free allows you to earn money even if you’re starting an entirely new business. Other monetization techniques abound, like allowing in-app purchases.

Google Play Vs. App Store Downloads

Since you have decided to create an excellent app, the next question is where to put it for mobile app downloads. On website? Great idea if you have that much great traffic, but the best options will be on the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS device users.

Due to the increasing number of Android users, the consumer base of Google Play Store is on the rise; thus, comparatively, Google has an edge over the app store.

However, as you can see, both retailers increased the percentage of downloads from 2019 to 2020. Android users are increasing more than iOS (Apple) users. In a similar trend, when we compare both stores, you will notice Google Play Store’s growth has exponentially increased up to 31% while the growth of Apple’s store pales in comparison, which is 2.5%.

Mobile App Usage

Normal mobile users generally spend over 3 hours & 10 minutes on devices daily. Around 90 percent of mobile users spend nearly two hours & fifty-one minutes on mobile applications.

According to one of the studies, an average user chooses over eighty mobile app downloads. Only some people are utilizing all of those apps. Over 62% of the 80 apps the typical smartphone user has on their device are used only a few times a week.

From this or even with our own experience, most users download many apps but use only a few regularly. Users use only 25% of downloaded apps before deleting others and getting tired of them.

Most Popular App Store Categories

You have to understand customer needs if you want more mobile app downloads. This is particularly valid when developing a new application.

In this case, even if your application has the potential to revolutionize the industry in functionality or features, without exposure, even the diamond remains in coal. Similarly, you will get few downloads if there is no need or demand in the market.

And even if there is little demand, you must force your way through with an effective marketing campaign. It’s important first to know what kinds of apps are most frequently downloaded. As per the Availability in the market share, there are over 15 widespread categories in the iOS App Store.

Your app’s function and goal must align with the category you choose. Therefore, you must also classify your business or lifestyle app as a game to increase downloads.

As per the App Store’s strict review criteria, if your app’s primary functions do not match your selected app category, it may remove your apps available for mobile app downloads. If you break these terms, Your app may be removed from the App Store. As per their policy, you will not be able to publish your app or continue providing your application services to users. So, play by the rules.

Wrap Up

Today, there are more than 6.3 Billion Mobile phone users worldwide, and people are getting hooked up with apps like never before. On average, Americans check their mobile device two hundred & sixty-two times a day!

We use mobile apps daily. The year 2023 is expected to be quite significant for the mobile app industry. All of the data we analyzed data indicates that we are still heading upward, even if mobile penetration and usage are at an all-time high.

There is promising mobile app download data for those who already have a mobile app or intend to develop one. You need to find what people love and are ready to take the first successful step in this mega-industry.

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